A school somewhere in America and a killer opening fire on helpless victims. History, painfully familiar in a country ravaged by an epidemic of gun violence, repeated itself on Monday. But this time it wasn’t a murderer, but a murderer: a 28-year-old woman who, according to the local police spokesman, appeared to be “in her late teens”. It happened this morning in Nashville (Tennessee), and the death toll rises to seven, including the shooter, killed by the agents. Three of the victims are children from Escola Convênio, where the attack took place, a private Presbyterian teaching center, whose students range from pre-school to sixth grade (12 years old). The other three dead are adults, school workers.

Don Aaron, the officer in charge of updating information for the media, explained that the woman entered the school through a side entrance to the building. He was carrying at least “two assault rifles and a pistol,” he said. Authorities had yet to identify her at the time. They also didn’t know what her motivations might be or if he was related to the school.

When officers showed up at the school in response to a 10:13 am call to emergency services, they heard gunshots from the second floor, Aaron said. Once at the top, two of the officers opened fire, killing the assailant. Only 14 minutes have passed.

The news, which quickly became a national issue, was released late in the morning, thanks to a tweet from the Fire Department of the central city of the country. “We are responding to an active offender at Covenant School,” he said. The message urged parents not to attend the venue, where events “were still ongoing”. By the same means, firefighters later notified the parents that a “place of reunification” had been established with their children at a Baptist church near the school. The center has 209 students.

It was the local police account on the same social network that confirmed shortly after that the attacker had died.

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Just over an hour later, three children were admitted with gunshot wounds to the Monroe Carell Jr Children’s Hospital. at Vanderbilt. Doctors could only certify that he was dead, said Craig Boerner, a spokesman for Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

An ambulance left the school after the shooting on Monday.
An ambulance left the school after the shooting on Monday.Associated Press/LaPresse John Amis (APN)

It is very rare, according to statistics, for such an attack to involve a woman. According to the Gun Violence Archive website, a sentinel of armed violence in the United States, 129 mass shootings have been recorded in the country since the beginning of the year. The bill comes to almost 1.5 per day. By its parameters, a firefight must cause more than four deaths or injuries to be considered massive. In 2022, the count rose to 647.

The tragedy that devastated the elementary school in the small town of Uvalde, Texas is still fresh in the collective American spirit. Then 19 children and two teachers died at the hands of Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old from the city. He turned up armed with a pistol and a semi-automatic rifle and began shooting indiscriminately, before being killed by police.

The most serious shootings so far this year have occurred in places like Tate County, Mississippi, where a 52-year-old man killed six people; Michigan State University in East Lansing (three dead and five wounded) or Half Moon Bay and Monterey Park, both in California, where 18 people died within two days of each other at the hands of two heavily armed attackers.

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