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This cream box movement is not new. Already in 2019 it opened its division of the PES virtual football game (now known as eFootball). Also in 2021, in Dota 2‘U’ had a collaboration of about a year with the organization infamous gamebut the one that came to an end in this 2023.

Now, Universitario ‘relaunched’ its eSports division, which will have subdivisions depending on each video game. We mentioned this lines ago: at the moment they are in LOL and eFootball, but in the presentation video we saw other games like Dota 2, Valorant and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

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From sports fields to the gamer world

To learn more about this expansion of team cream, El Comercio spoke with Kristhian Oropeza Marino, sports manager at Universitario eSports, who told us that the team has an expansion plan for other video games and more details.

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Universitario eSports was born out of the growth of eSports scenes around the world and the winning caste of our club, being the greatest champion of Peruvian football and standing out as Club Polideportivo. That’s why, In the face of the rise of the digital sports scene, let’s accept the challenge”, says the sports manager of Universitario eSports to El Comercio.

Kristhian Oropeza Marino, sports manager at Universitario eSports.

Kristhian Oropeza Marino, sports manager at Universitario eSports.

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Regarding the participation of the ‘U’ in other games, Oropeza highlighted that it is under evaluation: “We have an expansion plan for other great games in the competitive scene. For now we can’t give more details, but they are state-of-the-art games in Peru and in the world.”.

The sporting objective is to play in the best leagues of each video game in which we participate.. We also have among our objectives to promote talent in our country, facilitate digital training and become the largest generator of eSports content in Peru”says Oropeza, who was also a professional eFootball player.

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What games is ‘U’ eSports in?

At the moment, Cream Box has a League of Legends team, which is playing the official Stars League. Likewise, it also has a roster in the popular eFootball, with which it usually participates in different tournaments.

What games is 'U' eSports in?

What if you want to be part of ‘U’ eSports? According to their sports boss, the team has recruiters in each of the scenes in which they are present. In other words, they look to the community for top talent to incorporate into their ranks.

We have a sports staff that knows the scenario of each of the games and we do scouting like any professional eSports team. For this, we monitor their numbers on the servers they play on and other factors that allow us to choose the best players that represent Universitario’s strength.“, highlights.

College eSports.

College eSports.

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Added to this, Oropeza points out that ‘U’ eSports has a talent search plan for high potential players who are not necessarily known in professional communities.

Now we are in LVP Peru [O también Stars League], which is the most important League of Legends tournament in the country. However, for the following season, the format will change and it will be a single Regional League (with Argentina and Chile). That’s why we intend to compete in this tournament together with the best teams in the southern region. In addition, we will be in the Peruvian PES League, in which we will seek to continue our supremacy. Regarding the other disciplines, once revealed, we will indicate the tournaments in which we will be ”, concludes.

With the participation of ‘U’ in eSports we have a sample that this industry is gradually establishing itself in our country, attracting the attention of the biggest sports teams. It may be a matter of time before traditional sports teams make inroads into esports.

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Peruvian soccer teams in eSports

‘U’ is not the first sports team to come to eSports. We have already seen that Alianza Lima, Cienciano, Sporting Cristal, Unión Huaral and others have their own gaming divisions, like eFootball or FIFA. The important detail is that these organizations generally only target virtual football and do not experiment with other video games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 or Valorant.

Peruvian soccer teams in eSports