The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive social networks present a new logo for the videogames of the saga.

Since a few days, everything that the developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is under the scrutiny of the community. A very important leak gave veracity to the rumors about imminent game switching to Source 2. A new version of the saga ten years after the debut of CS:GO whose release should be imminent. At least that’s the bottom line when we look at Valve’s moves. The company until then was silent, if that, making some jokes with the illusion of the players. Although, this time they didn’t stop throwing gasoline on the fire.

If a few days ago we were talking about the repercussions that the Banner change on the official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Twitter account, this time we have a much more evident signal. It’s not just that those responsible for the video game of Valve They modified the header image of their social media profile as well. In this case, the fact that the aforementioned photograph shows a new logo for the game. It hasn’t been changed for a decade and seems to be the definitive hint that something big is about to happen to the title.

The logo that shows the social networks of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive It’s simple. Between the letters “CS” is what appears to be a figure of a soldier.. However, there are some differences between the current design of this anti-terrorist and the one used so far as the image of CS:GO. Both the stance and the weapon change. The current soldier is now leaning more forward and the shape is more streamlined. Also, he abandoned the SCAR-L, which didn’t even appear in the game, to carry what appears to be an M4. In general, this version seems more adapted to the times and, if confirmed as permanent, It would be a very interesting ‘rebranding’.

Cutout of the new logo on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Twitter account

It is to be expected that the Counter-Strike movements on social networks, which have intensified in recent times, will soon end in a definitive announcement. We insist that Valve is not very fond of fueling rumors. when there’s nothing solid behind and it would be a kamikaze strategy to carry out all these moves if they had no way to back them up. Of course, the exact moves the company will take or when it will only be known from the inside. Players have nothing left but to wait for the release of a version of Source 2 that they have been playing for a long time.

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