As the hours passed, everything indicates that the villareal does not intend to report to the Competition Committee the alleged aggression of Valverde stinks for Alex Baena. Complaint that must be accompanied by the relevant evidence and for which you have a deadline to be able to exercise it. This is what the RFEF Disciplinary Code sets out in its article 26 on the Hearing Procedure and where it makes it clear that on Tuesday at 2 pm the deadline for exercising this appeal will end:

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“Such right may be exercised within the period that will expire at 2:00 pm on the second business day following that of the interested party, at which time the allegations or complaints made must be presented to the secretary of the disciplinary body; in the case of meetings held on a day other than the weekend, the due period will be understood to be reduced by twenty-four hours, that is, until 2 pm on the following working day. After this period, it is considered completed and you will not be able to practice in the future.

The sanction can reach the deprivation of the footballer’s license

In this case, to exercise this option within the deadline, an extraordinary file would necessarily have to be opened, and an instructor should be appointed who would collect the information and notify all parties. There must be evidence to prove that such aggression existed.

As long as this scenario could be achieved where there were also images to prove it, the player of the real Madrid You can expose yourself to a very serious or serious penalty. In the first case, in accordance with Article 66 regarding notorious and public acts that affect sporting dignity and decorum, it may lead to the revocation of the player’s license.

Fede Valverde and Álex Baena, during Real Madrid-Villarreal

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“Those who carry out notorious and public acts that violate the dignity or sporting decorum, when these are particularly serious, or who repeat serious offenses of this nature, will be punished with a fine of 3,006 to 30,051 euros and one or more of the following sanctions: – Ineligibility to hold office in the federative body, or suspension or revocation of license, for a period of two to five years”.

The same is stated in article 71 on incitement to violence, which states that “manifestly unsportsmanlike and aggressive behavior and gestures by football players, when addressed to the referee, other players or to/as spectators, as well as public declarations by directors, de facto or de jure administrators of clubs, coaches, referees and football players who incite violence against their teams or spectators, under the terms of the previous article, will result in: Disqualification from exercising functions in the sports organization or suspension or deprivation of federative license, when the person responsible for the facts holds a sports license, for a period of two to five years, or exceptionally on a permanent basis in cases of recidivism in the practice of very serious infractions”. 18,000 and 90,000 euros.

In the case of being considered serious, article 94.º regarding notorious and public acts that violate the dignity and sporting decorum provides for a fine in the amount of 602 to 3,006 euros, in addition to “disqualification or suspension for a period of one month to two years ”. or at least four games, or full closure of one game within two months”