Fede Valverde and Álex Baena, in action in this Saturday’s game at the Bernabéu.Jose Breton (AP)

The Villarreal player, Álex Baena, denounced Fede Valverde to the Police, this Sunday, for the punch suffered on Saturday night outside the Santiago Bernabéu, after the visitors’ victory (2-3). The Uruguayan was waiting for him in the stadium’s parking lot and, when the yellow team player arrived at his club’s bus area, he scolded him for some alleged words about his son and hit him on the left cheek. The news, advanced by zero wavewas officially communicated by Villarreal through a statement this Sunday night.

After many hours of uncertainty about the decision Baena would take, she chose to report. Now the case is running in court, a process that, according to federative sources explained to this newspaper, would not initially result in a sports sanction for transiting through different routes. As well as possible action by the Anti-Violence Committee. The Competitions Committee of the Spanish Federation, in charge of imposing disciplinary sanctions, intervenes, mainly, in matters that appear reflected in the minutes, and it is not the case because the facts occurred many minutes after the end of the match, and the claim He did not appear before this Committee -at least for the time being-, but with the Police.

Only one thing was clear from the incident: the madridista punched the yellow player in the face. From then on, the versions of both collide. The Uruguayan, through people close to him, insisted that the attack came from a comment Baena made to him in the Cup match, on January 19. After kicking him, it is said that he shouted at him: “Cry now, your child will not be born”.

At that time, Valverde and his partner, Mina Bonino, were going through a harrowing moment because the first pregnancy tests for their second child had detected that the baby was incompatible with life, an extreme that ended up being discarded. These words, according to the same sources, were continued this Saturday in a fight on the ground. At the end of the match, Valverde went looking for the Villarreal player in the parkingand before attacking him he said: “Tell me now what you said to me on the field about my son”, according to Real Madrid’s guarantee.

Baena, in turn, denied the major. First, through a publication on their networks two hours after the event (“it is completely false that I said that”), and this Sunday through an internal communication between Villarreal and journalists. “He was unaware, and is unaware, of Valverde’s family situation and would never mess with something like that with another football player”, pointed out from the Castellón entity.

No own video

In his defense, the player retweeted in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday a publication by another person in which he warned that the Cup match, the beginning of all the controversy, was played three weeks before Mina Bonino publicly denounced the situation, which suffered from the illness. the fear of losing the baby. “In the locker room there are fewer secrets and, so to speak, Baena found out what was happening to Valverde”, insisted this Sunday from the Uruguayan’s entourage.

The Villarreal player recognized people close to him, as reported by journalist Nil Solà, who in that cupbearers’ duel scolded him on the field for not stopping crying, but always qualified, referring to actions exclusive to the game, without allusions to family issues .

However, both the Uruguayan and the Madrid club explained this Saturday that, before punching him, the white midfielder reminded him of some alleged words about his son. “Baena plays crazy, Fede hits him. The Villarreal delegate finds out because Baena tells him and tells a national police officer that he wants to denounce him. The agent takes the data, not as a complaint, but to attest, and that’s it”, reported in Madrid.

Villarreal assured this newspaper that they do not have their own video of the event, but added that recordings from the security cameras at the venue can be requested in case of a complaint, as has been the case.

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