Milan’s presence in the League of Kings

“I always like that he participates in things that make him happy. He wasn’t expected to participate and he asked me out and I was delighted. And I feel proud of how he did it. But that’s it, everyone makes their own decisions. it seems better for him. When we get older, there isn’t a lesson in class about how you have to be a father. I’m very happy to do things and for Barça to keep winning”.

how are you emotionally

“Personally, I’m very well. The phrase I said in my farewell at the Camp Nou summed up my state of mind. Many things have happened in my life and not only on a professional level and you realize that sometimes you have to make the best decision for the his environment. Leaving playing for Barça is not something I wanted, but I understood that I had to do it. It’s a sentence that came naturally”.

shakira song

“I don’t want to talk about it. It doesn’t touch. People have a responsibility, especially us who are parents, to try to protect their children. Everyone makes the appropriate decisions and I don’t feel like talking about it because the only thing I want is for people to children are fine”.

An example in the world of sport where things are being done right

“The NBA. An example. You can see the case of Lebron on the day he became the player who scored the most points. The game was stopped for ten minutes: the competition is important, but the show is also important. And that it’s hard to understand. to understand in Europe”.

Davis Cup Project

“I left my life. Four years and that, despite the covid having caught us, and in the end the projects were profitable and not. that dealing with federations is not easy. They are people who don’t want change, who want to be in one place and not lose their place. And they don’t think about what the sport needs. But in all areas of life, either you evolve or you die .”

The rise of the League of Kings

“We have received many proposals to take the Kings League to many places in the world. It comes as a tool to attract young people. The Mexican, Brazilian, Argentine market is pending. It is happening in Barcelona but the grace is what you can see Worldwide”.

The Keys to Success in the Kings League

“What we want is to keep the public loyal. Football does the opposite: the player is increasingly protected. We are the opposite: we open the doors and we want them to participate: you want extra time, you want a penalty, all that is decided by the public . There are surveys and people can express what they want. I will be in the Camp Nou final, but if someone comes to see me play, they shouldn’t come.”

League of Kings and League of Queens

“Women will be paid the same as men. From September, competitions between men and women will be intertwined. This kind of thing shows that new products have flexibility to test and young people like that.”

Sports consumption and young people

“More and more sport has to go into entertainment. It’s a problem for sport in general. They all depend on the federations, which are usually older people who don’t want change. When young people want change. They don’t want 40-minute breaks during matches. They don’t want tennis games, games longer than two hours. They want shorter, fun things.”

The show at Camp Nou

“We will have presentations, the presidents will arrive by helicopter… we had to talk to the Mossos. The doors will open at 2.30 pm. It’s different, the show will last all day. People have to understand that this is a show. We got a product that young people like a lot and you see it with repercussions on the networks”

The pressure by the presidents of the League of Kings

“It’s not easy. There’s a case that started going to the psychologist. That to control emotions went to the psychologist. They don’t win and pressure and it’s all new for them. And managing all this is not easy, there’s a lot of pressure most of their communities.

Players and the League of Kings

“Many players call me to play. Or some active ones who watch the Kings League when they are in the locker room. It is true that from May 7, the second round of the Kings League begins, which ends on July 31. And of course it will having active players out of contract who are going to be out of contract for a few days and some are going to want to play in our league. Where is the second phase final going to be? We are closing and people are going to freak out. It could be outside of Spain”.

Thebes worried about the League of Kings

“I’m surprised that Tebas talks so much. The Kings League is more entertainment than sport. They are two products that have very little to do with each other. It has some football rules but little to do with traditional football.”

Cosmos’ participation in the Super Cup

“The problem is how things are explained. I’m caught between an open war between Tebas-Rubiales. We know how they spend, especially one of them. But if you look at it coldly, Cosmos’ contribution to the Supercup . it was brought to a country like Saudi Arabia, the format change I think made the competition a reference and that everything else stops. I really believe that for the Federation it is different from what was done before”.

His passage as a player and the Negreira case

“As much as they want to make a fuss, it’s a golden age… it’s no longer what we won, but how it was won. They can review everything. We were much, much superior. We didn’t depend on the referees. Let them be dedicated to mischief. .. I would pass Olympicly and the following. It is true that the Public Ministry is involved, but I trust the club. All clubs except Madrid turned against Barça, Madrid was the only one that did not. I understand that in the end they do , I suppose they have a lot of pressure on them.”

Being president of Barça

“I’ve been saying this for a long time. I love this club very much. It’s been 36 years. I know this club very well. From the culé field, and as a player, and I would like to help him at some point. To maximize the club. We are a brand known worldwide and we have to do things very well so that it remains a world reference. From now on there are moments and I am moved by sensations. Now I really want to take the Kings League to the fullest. At this moment I have no pretensions to be president. He’s not going to force a situation I don’t want.”

Negreira case

“We didn’t know anything. I think these reports are more for the coach and the coaches. The players already know the referees. In the exchanges, the coaches sometimes come from outside and need help to know the profile of each referee. Here , as players, we didn’t have any information. I didn’t know Negreira or his son. I’m setting Barça on fire: no referee was bought. If you want to do that, go with dirty money, it’s simpler than going to a vice president. It makes no sense. From then on we are used to conspiracies”

His contract termination with Barça

“My resignation with Barça and the Kings League final has nothing to do with it. When I left, everything was closed. The final at Camp Nou was a hot act of mine, which occurred to me. The normal thing is that Laporta would have said no because it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but he also thought it was fine. In the end, we all win.”

The relationship with Laporta

“It’s not that it got better or worse. In the end, when you’re a player and there are people above you, it’s normal for there to be better and worse moments. And especially when there aren’t good results. But that’s it. I’m a very easy person in that sense. . I know he was leaving and from then on I want to have a good relationship with everyone. So the logical thing was to have a good relationship. I hope he is in the Kings League final.”

The reasons for your withdrawal

“I finished for several reasons. I didn’t feel as important as other times and that didn’t make me feel good. I won’t go into detail if I felt cheated by anyone. I think I won choosing my ending, it happened and I’m happy with that. It was the healthiest thing for me, for the people, for the team. In the end, when you see that the role is not the same and it costs more. And when you don’t play every three days the dynamic is not the same, I took it It was a thoughtful decision even though it felt like it was hot and I don’t regret it. It was the right one.”

How do you see the team?

“We are in a very good situation. Few goals are being conceded. We are breaking records and surpassing numbers. And I think we are the main favourites. I feel part of the team. I would be very happy for the club if they win La Liga. It’s important to win it. I haven’t considered whether I’ll be at the celebrations yet. I would. I was recently invited to a team dinner, but it felt intrusive.”

Tickets for League of Kings, Camp Nou

“70,000 tickets have already been sold and could reach 90,000. We are ambitious, so let’s try to achieve it. people, but it is a project that excites the new generations and drags the older ones”.

your withdrawal

“I don’t miss being a player at all. I’m doing very well and there comes a time when you leave and realize the life you’ve asked for. I see Barça sometimes, but I don’t miss it at all. I’ve seen myself with Busi , with Jordi and we discussed it”.

Start the interview!

In addition to the usual appearances on twitch, linked to the League of Kings, it will be the first interview with Gerard Piqué since he announced that he would hang up his boots.

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