During this last week we had the opportunity to try it first hand Wayfinder the new MMO-Lite from the creators of Darksiders Genesis or Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. In this article, we’re going to review what the game is about, what you’ll find in it, and our first impressions.

Wayfinder is launched in early access this May for PC and for Playstation 5. Later, the game is expected to be released free to play also coming to other consoles.

MMO-Lite and what is Wayfinder

Wayfinder is one of this new batch of games online multiplayer which is halfway between what used to be a great more traditional MMORPG and what is basic co-op. We can say that in certain aspects it mixes the best of both worlds.

On Wayfinder we will have a main city which will make a social HUB and where we will find other players, we will be able to organize groups and also in it we will find all the services of the game, such as NPCs with missions or merchants and craftsmen where we can buy, sell and create different tools and improvements.

From the city we can go several large open world areas where we can also see other players and share adventures with them. Here we carry out missions and small group events that are coming up And we will also find instances that will be just for us or for our group. When entering the instances, we can say if we want a groupon to look for us and pair us with 2 other wayfinders, provided groups in this game are 3 players. They commented that in the future they hope to include more challenging content designed to 6 players.

Fun, fluid action combat

In the end, one of the things that we will do most in this type of game is to fight and destroy enemies, so what we want is for them to have a fun combat system, but not too complex, since many times what you will want is to disconnect a little from the “farm bugs”. In this Wayfinder section works very well with dynamic action combat where each character has 4 skills and another skill depending on the weapon we carry. We’ll have blocks, dodges and different combinations of blows where we intersperse our skills as we see fit.

Variety of Wayfinders to choose from

One of the keys to the game will be the huge number of Wayfinders to choose from. Each of them will have an emblematic weapon, but everyone will be able to wield any weapon. The team’s idea is to continue bringing new characters that add new stories and expand the universe of the game. Each wayfinder has 4 upgradeable skills and also an extra skill for the selected weapon type. In addition to having different passives that make each of the characters play in a different way or have special mechanics for them.

Each of these heroes can be powered up in a variety of ways. We will be able to load various statistics and also include echoes that we will find in our adventures. These echoes will drop in various rarities and resources. Some of them will only increase some kind of statistic, while others will offer us different abilities or special characteristics.

Dungeons and Bosses

In addition to the open world where you can carry out missions and events, one of the points that we found most fun were the dungeons. what are not limited to a hallway with a final boss. They usually have several branches and corridors where we can find extra chests, special events, some puzzles or hiding places that we will access by jumping that give the dungeons an extra touch. Also hunting what would come to be like dungeons of bosses, where we will only see ourselves face to face with a challenging enemy. As we level up and expand the selection of bosses these are spinning more challenging and with more mechanics. Overall, it’s been fun matches and not too long or too short, a good mix of fun and challenge.

Monetization and progression

For monetization, Wayfinder opted for a free-to-play model. Although first in May, a paid early access will be released via founder packs for players who want to support the project and play it early. Later it will be released for free for PC and consoles.

They commented that they want to use a fair monetization system for the player and very much in line with how Warframe implemented it. Where everything is achieved by playing.

Fun and infinite expansion potential

The truth is, our time at Wayfinder was fun. Although as a good MMO or co-op experience where the game shines most is especially when playing with friends. In addition, regardless of our level or progress, we can easily team up with our friends and in one way or another we will be getting resources to progress in both.

Despite the concept of Wayfinder being similar to other games as a service like Destiny and Warframe, the truth is that in the time we’ve played it hasn’t become monotonous or heavy and despite having that familiar air the game invited us to continue playingI suppose part of the blame for this lies with the graphic section that moves away from what we’ve been seeing lately in Unreal 5, with hyper-realistic graphics, but where all games look very similar, to leave us a very characteristic and well-designed visual section with a color palette that looks tremendously welcoming.

After trying out the ranged character of Silo, where I didn’t like her shooting mechanics, I had the opportunity to try out the character of Senja, a melee gladiator with a two-handed weapon piece and where I found gameplay. .

During the beta we had some problems with the servers. The team worked tirelessly to make everything as smooth as possible. I got the feeling that they still have a lot of work to do to get the game ready for this month of May, although they did confirm that our version of the game was months behind in content compared to the last version they were working on.

A game style with endless expansion possibilities can include just about anything and if they manage to make the different characters fun to play and offer a good amount and variety of content, from simple farming to bosses with challenging mechanics, it could be one of the best. games As the most interesting service we’ve had in recent times.