“We are studying the reopening of my case”

Rocío Carrasco went to ‘Días de Tele’ to tell how she lives after her documentary and its impact on society on Women’s Day.

Rocío Carrasco now takes stock of everything your documentary involved, ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’ at Telecinco. Shown in 2022, it became one of the year’s television and social events, making many headlines and even political debates. At the he opened his heart after 25 years of not being able to do so and told everything that had happened in their relationship. on the occasion of Women’s Day, ‘Days of Tele‘ had his presence to analyze the impact of this on society and on his own life. I regretted how, at that time, no one paid attention to what was happening and she felt unprotected. Domestic violence is something public and can be practiced outside the couple. It is now in 2023 that he feels that, with all the tests, a new opportunity may arise.. Together with your team, “We are studying the reopening of my case”.


I wish someone had contributed something. you know that “I’m reporting something that people have a hard time doing” and in your case “an entire country witnessed”. The fact that her experience raised awareness of gender-based violence and exposed herself in this way was complete catharsis. Full of security, she recognizes that “It didn’t cost me much to tell it” because, moreover, it was the moment for it. This exercise in sincerity in front of the cameras marked a before and after in the therapy he received. Since 2011 “I have been undergoing treatment and the only thing that has been given to me has been beneficial.” He was strong then. he knew that “There comes a time when I have to tell you certain things because I don’t want to go on living like this”.

That moment when he realizes he doesn’t want to go on like this is in a hospital room, after trying to take his own life. and with her husband, Fidel Albiac, crying by her side. Such was the impact of his statements on Mediaset, causing Claims will increase by up to 61% after they are issuedthat until Pedro Sanchez made a call. For Rocio Jurado there was also space. She showed herself in some interviews concerned about her daughter’s love life. As time went by, and in front of one of these videos, I recognized that “If all I had to say was that he was cool… it’s all been said.”. There are many moments lived and he recognizes that, in any case, “There are many things I haven’t told you”.


Mediaset veto the Rocío Carrasco issue

After Rocío Carrasco’s resurgence at Mediasetwould now be part of a blacklist that would prevent him from even being quoted on air. This decision would be proposed by the new board to give a new direction to the group’s networks. ‘La Razón’ announced that newsroom workers hold signs with more than 13 “banned” names. That would mean that “We can’t even talk about them or appear in the videos”. Beside her would be faces as recognizable as Gloria Camila, Kiko Rivera, Bárbara Rey, José Ortega Cano, Antonio David Flores and her own husband Fidel Albiac. While this was happening, Rocío Carrasco She has appeared on several occasions, such as this ‘Día de Tele’, as a guest star in different RTVE formats. This is accompanied by a code of ethics that all collaborators and presenters in front of the camera they must comply. Politics must be left behind when it is not justified and the fights between producers that generated so many headlines.

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