Well, after a few weeks of use, today I can tell you about my experience with this peripheral from Razer. To know? I don’t usually post spoilers at the beginning of my texts because I like to be read. But here he will make an exception. If you want to skip the rest of the text (not recommended), you can, because they blew my mind.

Now that you know my basic conclusion, let’s get down to business. The first thing you need to know is that the Hammerhead Hyperspace is a headset designed specifically for Xbox and PC. They are wireless and similar to Galaxy Buds, Pixeled Buds and all things mobile buds, or you can compare them to iPods if you are one of those who use iThings. With the difference that they are fully compatible with the Microsoft console. It is not difficult to imagine the comfort that such a device provides.

Ergonomics and ease of use

Okay, these are headphones for playing, I’m sure you’ve made it this far. So I want to focus on two key points for this. The first of these is ergonomics. I have some Galaxy Buds that I use daily, but the fact that they are small does not guarantee that they will be comfortable, they end up hurting my ears after several hours of use. Fortunately, this does not happen with the Razer model, they weigh very little and opted for synthetic material pads for the interior. Needless to say, this is a thousand times more hygienic than putting the headset in your ear with nothing on.

As they weigh little and you don’t notice them much within your auditory zone, it really looks like you’re not wearing anything. In that sense they are great and make it easy to dethrone the headsets of a lifetime for sporadic games.

Furthermore, this device is quite simple to use. In this sense, the brand works very well on ease of use. You just have to open the lid of the case and wait for your Xbox to detect them, although first you have to connect the receiver via cable to prevent this. I found this part very uncomfortable, and I don’t like having loose cables behind the console, so I bought an adapter like that to make it more comfortable.

How do these headphones sound and behave?

This part is perhaps the most important. While I’ll leave the data sheet for the product itself for you to evaluate, I wanted to be honest about this. I was very afraid that the sound cones sounded with canned audio, these devices do not stand out for their brilliant sound quality. However, I have to admit that in these headphones I had to put a point in my mouth. Sound is more than decentvery clean and the panning of sounds in games is very respected.

Of course, if you want the full gaming experience, they’re never going to replace 7.1 headphones, as good as they sound, they’re not even close to that level. The frequency is 20 Hz – 20 kHz and its impedance is 16 Ω, which is already quite good.

razer hammerhead hyperspace xbox 1 gen review

Where they fail the most, or at least where I notice that there could be a lot more improvement is on the part of their omnidirectional microphone. Although it has active noise cancellation, it often picks up quite a bit of noise if you exceed a not-too-high threshold. I was able to alleviate it by downloading the Razer Xbox app, but it still doesn’t behave the way I’d like. Its microphone also does not stand out for offering very high fidelity, but that is more personal, I am very meticulous in this area and I like that when I speak I am heard with the highest possible quality, perhaps I value this more than the sound of the cone itself in Yeah.

Autonomy and quality of materials

I want to mention the quality of the materials. The feeling of having plastic in your hands does not exist here. These headphones are premium quality (so is the price). Everything is taken care of in detail, you can even play with the lighting of the lights, depending on your breathing, the music…etc. By putting them on you already realize that you are not getting something of poor quality, and this is important for point one, ergonomics.

There is a detail that I loved, and it is the quality of the box that contains and carries the headphones. From the opening and closing hinge, to the touch. All finished in matte black and shades of Xbox green. The feeling extends to the packaging, which is also neat and well-organized.

About the battery, because I have to admit that it surprised me once and for all. Based on my usage, I’d say it averages around 5 hours without a single charge, which is a lot for equipment like this. Obviously here we cannot compare with headband headsets, for obvious reasons since the battery must be smaller and, therefore, with less capacity.

The official price of the equipment on the Razer website is US$ 149, but you can buy them for a lower price on Amazon, which currently has a 36% discount and is very cheap. Before you start using them, take my advice and download the Razer Xbox app, you’ll get a sea of ​​settings.

Razer Audio Setup for Xbox
Razer Audio Setup for Xbox