Kiko Hernández talks about her trip to New York with Fran Antón

  • The collaborator of ‘Save me’ speaks after his trip to New York with Fran Antón: he denies that he is her boyfriend

  • Someone gave him a trip for two and he chose Fran Antón as his companion

  • “I am very happy, with this I do not mean that this is true, I will not mention anything, now I say it and I will always say it, I am a friend of that person”, explained Kiko Hernández

after being hunted walking down Fifth Avenue in New York with Fran Antón, Kiko Hernández returned to ‘Sálvame’. He explained that he won this trip as a gift and that he chose Fran as his companion, but insists that at the moment they are united only by friendship: “Is there anything else tomorrow? It could happen. Is nothing coming tomorrow? Well, nothing came of it. ”

Someone ‘caught’ Kiko walking around New York, it coincided with a day that he had asked for time off from work and, curiously, it was Fran’s birthday. The ‘Save Me’ contributor has always denied the actor is more than a good friend as well as a co-worker, but the photos have raised eyebrows as New York joins a long list of trips that includes Melilla and Buenos Aires. . .

Kiko Hernández and Fran Antón, hunted: celebrate the actor’s birthday in New York

The appeal of Jorge Javier Vázquez

Jorge Javier Vázquez took the floor. He does not know if Kiko and Fran are a couple, he cannot say, but he believes that Kiko should come forward if they are: “If he is with Fran Antón, I think he should say (…) 2023 I think everything we show up on television we have a certain amount of commitment to society and a certain amount of loudspeaker”.

Jorge Javier Vázquez appeals to Kiko Hernández: “If you are with Fran Antón, I think you should say”

Kiko Hernández’s explanation

24 hours later, Kiko returned to ‘Save Me’ and explained that someone gave him a trip for two to new york and chose Fran as a partner: “They gave it to me and I say ‘who am I going to go with? With my friend” However, he declined to give details as if they shared a room: “I won’t say anything about my trip, about my privacy.”

Of course, the collaborator clarified that he did not celebrate his birthday in New York because he had already returned, but he blew out the candles in another place with more people.

Your words did Jorge Javier Vazquez came to a conclusion: “Today I believe you are with him because at another point in your life, at a time when people talk about you so intensely, the last thing you would do is run away with Fran Antón because They can pick you up anywhere.

“It doesn’t matter, get out or get in,” said Kiko; “Do you know what this is? Love”, The presenter responded and Kiko, without going into detail, replied: “I’m very, very happy, it wasn’t two years ago, when what happened happened, and I decided to live my life”.

“Since then I’ve been very happy. This does not mean that this is true. I will not name anything Now I say and always will say, I’m friends with this person and many people What else comes tomorrow? may arise That tomorrow nothing comes out? Well, nothing comes of it.” In addition, he recalled that in 20 years he “never” spoke about his private life: “I never sat down to tell, when I leave here, I put the keys in and it’s my life”.

Collaborator and presenter joked about the trip to New York, Jorge wanted to know if he had already seen jewelry, shook his head, already seen it at MoMA and added: “But yes, Fran is a gem because he is a friend that many people would kill to have.”

“I think Kiko is being very sincere this afternoon, within the level of sincerity, Kiko is at the maximum”, appreciated Jorge Javier Vázquez.

Kiko Hernández: “Fran is a gem because he is a friend that many people would kill to have”