With the arrival of good weather, our favorite pastime is undoubtedly diving into TikTok to discover the ‘aesthetics’ trends this spring-summer 2023. We have no doubt that the ‘boho’ and ‘cottagecore’ style will return to strong with their flowery dresses and innkeeper necklines, or that long denim skirts combined with Adidas Samba sneakers will continue to be our clothing of choice when we don’t know what to wear and want to look good. Another trend that we point out as a repeater for this season is the ‘milipili’ style, which arrived straight from Argentina in 2022, transforming low-waisted pants with ‘cowboy’ boots into a day-to-day uniform. In 2023, the rage for Argentine fashion has not subsided, in fact, we’re still obsessed with the ‘lookazos’ of Tini (main ambassador of the ‘milipilis’), Emilia Mernes and María Becerra, so all alarm bells went off when a new trend The arrival across the pond started going viral on TikTok: the linen girls (#chicalino 1B views).

    What’s it like to be a ‘linen girl’?

    Forget the micro-shorts, the bikini tops to go out partying and reserve your slitted bodies to go out to a techno party. Linen girls are the exact opposite of the ‘millipilis’ fashion level. Their general style tendency is to dress as if they were always on vacation, but in an elegant way. That’s why her looks are composed mostly of linen pieces in shades of white, beige, earth and nude. They are blouses, loose pants, long and wide dresses… Everything to create that relaxed and sophisticated look. Sometimes they can show a bit of skin if you try to wear high-waisted pants with a crop top and an open shirt, or a vest as a top, but everything just right so it doesn’t look too informal.

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    This style, like the ‘milipilis’, is mainly associated with ‘chic’ girls or those from families with high economic resources who are looking for an elegant aesthetic without being too flashy. Something like the ‘old money aesthetic’ but in a summery tone. Therefore, it is also said that his attitude is that of a relaxed person, who speaks in a soft tone and who she’s always impeccably dressed, like she’s ready to go out on a yacht. The attitude part may more or less hit us, but what is clear is that for the summer we want a wardrobe like that of linen girls.

    How to dress like a linen girl

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    As its name suggests, linen girls often wear clothes made with this material, usually in white, ecru and nude tones. The easiest card to play is to bet on the ‘total looks’ in white, which always go with everything and are very flattering as soon as we tan. The key pieces are the loose-fitting trousers with drawstrings, like those brought into fashion by the ‘granddaughter of the coast’ look. You can pair them with square linen shirts with short sleeves or, if it’s too hot, wear the open shirt with a chocolate brown top underneath for contrast.

    Tip: To make your linen clothes look more expensive than they are, always use them ironed.

    To go to the office, a good option is a ‘boho’ style blouse with puff sleeves and white jeans, preferably with a high waist, to which you can add flat sandals. And if it’s still a little chilly, you can add a brown raincoat. To take a walk, you certainly need a long loose white dress, which will also help you dress in the purest ‘balletcore’ style if you change the accessories. To the cargo shorts linen jackets and Saharan jackets are also good options to incorporate into your everyday ‘looks’ and maintain the aesthetic and if you’re going out to a party, nothing more elegant than a big white shirt with brown cowboy boots.

    Gold jewelry and accessories

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    When it comes to incorporating costume jewelry, the linen girls make it very clear: priority is given to the earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in gold, with simple and minimalist designs that enhance the tan and bring that ‘luxury’ touch to the set. Her favorite day-to-day bags are raffia ones, so they look like they’ve just arrived from a trip along the Italian coast, which they combine with jute or brown leather sandals. Everything is in neutral tones.

    They don’t usually wear hats on their heads, except for the occasional white fedora, but it’s true that they often do hairstyles like the ‘girl aesthetic’ that was so trendy on TikTok last year. As for makeup, the idea is to keep the ‘clean look’, so they bet on a slightly tanned natural effect.

    Where to get linen girl style clothes for this summer

    We know you loved linen girls as much as we do, so if you want to be the first to wear this trend imported from Argentina, Now you can go ‘fichardo’ all the pieces of this style that are in the store. One thing is for sure: you will have a perfect wardrobe to go on a seaside holiday and enjoy a yacht trip. Any friends with a boat around here?

    Silvia is a journalist and stylist specializing in fashion and trends.