A high pressure system over Morocco determines the climate in the community

March 08, 2023 . Updated at 11:21 pm.

As the meteorological models had been announcing for days, this week the anticyclone retreated to the south. the center of high pressure is located northwest of Morocco. A configuration known as the “African mountain range”. Galicia is not exactly doing well in this type of situation. On the contrary.

Anticyclone protection covers virtually the entire Peninsula, except the northwest. The area of ​​influence of high pressures is not enough to prevent storms from circulating close to the community. In fact, currently in Greenland there is another powerful anticyclone that prevents the low pressures from moving a little further north. Therefore, at this time, there are high pressures above the Arctic Circle and subtropical latitudes that create a corridor through which extratropical cyclones travel slightly further south than normal. Another active front will arrive today and the rains may be locally intense in the morning.

This Wednesday a front crosses Galicia from west to east during the morning, leaving cloudy skies and more persistent rains in the southern half. In the afternoon there will be showers, with the opening of some timid clearings.

Morning the anticyclone rises slightly and that will allow Galicia to be in an intermediate situation. The wind will blow from the west, not from the southwest. Therefore, no front will arrive, but there will be a lot of moisture that will cover the sky and may even allow some very light precipitation to fall on the Atlantic coast.

On Saturday, the community will again fall to the low pressure side. A front will arrive that will leave widespread and more intense rains on the coast of A Coruña during the first half of the day.

The African Cordillera also a noticeable thermal increase. Aemet already speaks of “atypical temperatures for the time of year, with typical values ​​for the month of May”. The State Meteorological Agency also explained that the high pressures will channel warm subtropical air.

«The air mass that will reach Spain will come from low latitudes, so it will be warm at first. Approaching our country, the anticyclonic conditions will cause subsidence: the air mass will heat up as it descends and compresses. In some areas of the Mediterranean area, it may exceed 30 degrees.

In Galicia, the air circulation of the western component, which translates into the presence of clouds, will prevent the ascent from being as significant as in the rest of the Peninsula. Still, in the coming days, both highs and lows will be very smooth. There are no traces of last week’s bitter cold. In the medium term, it even seems that the thermal environment will be more pleasant.