O mechanical castilians from Resident Evil 4 Remake are the most elusive collectibles in the game. They are figurines with the appearance of Ramón Salazar that you can find throughout your adventure. You must shoot or hit them to destroy them, then they count as acquired. Once you’ve done that, they count as additions to your subsequent games.

They are a total of 16 mechanical Castilians, one per chapter that the game has. Easy. Some can be achieved instantly and in reverse, but others can be missed. If you missed any, you’ll have to repeat history. Try to break them always using the do. If they’re close, but not too close, use the Dart Gun and most of the time you’ll be able to get the dart back. If necessary, use the weapon.

And what is the reward for finding them all? He primal knife any Primary Knife for 1000 CP in the in-game bonus shop. It’s an infinite knife. Surely now you want to get all the Castilians.

Location of all Mechanical Castellans in Resident Evil 4 Remake

  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 1: In the collapsed house behind a cave.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 2: inside a cabin, in one of the lower corners.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 3: Explore the right side of the pier.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 4: You need to obtain a key to enter, which can be purchased from the Mural Cave.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 5: You won’t be able to get it the first time you go. Go back with Ashley and look for the trapdoor in the mayor’s room.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 6: this has no loss. When you’re passing the big fortress on the pass, look for the bonfire you see in the picture.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 7: From the image map, go forward, go up the stairs and search the shelves in the room.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 8: You can take this Castilian during the fight against the big beast or go all the way and come back before moving forward. In any case, it is in the tower that I point you to on the map. Go around the upper outer corridor before climbing to the top of the tower.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 9: for this Spaniard there are no tricks or advice. You must enter the labyrinth and find it while the enemies give you away. What a horrible area!
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 10: After dropping into the Depths (you’ll know it, trust me), proceed until you reach the modern halls. It is located in front of the Muscat room, it has no losses.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 11: go to the stop and look for the Castilian on one of the walls of the stand. The roof has collapsed, so you should be able to see it without any problems. It’s about one of the entries.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 12: this one is easy. Upon entering the Clock Tower, go left. You’ll find it in a box.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 13: is a secondary road. There’s no way out and you’ll see a lot of enemies, including one with an RPG. kill him first. You will have to face them to get Spanish. Then continue on the path to the left.
  • Mechanical Castilian, chapter 14: From Amber Storage, continue past the cinema and turn right as soon as you can. You will see a booth. The Castilian is in a closet.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 15: This is perhaps one of the more complicated ones because of the context. Try to go before fulfilling the objective of the room, because that way the animals won’t leave you alone, unless you eliminate them.
  • Mechanical Castilian, Chapter 16: Your instinct will be to run like crazy, as having a 3-minute timer doesn’t encourage you to go too slow. Pay attention to the room you see in the picture and look in the stacked boxes on the right. Is the last.

When you get them all, you unlock the Revolutionary Trophy. The most important thing is that you go to the bonus shop and buy the Primal Knife, which you can use without limits and improve in the next game. Considering how important the knife is in the game, you’ll want to have it.

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