The trajectory of Netflix at the Oscars has had its ups and downs in recent years, but it has never been as close to success as this one. A few years ago it would have been impossible not only to see several films with such a chance of winning the statuette, but even to be among the nominees.

For this Oscar 2023, the platform has up to 9 productions including feature films, animation, documentaries and others. We analyzed all the titles that this year have great presences: authors like Guillermo del Toro any Alejandro González Inarritu who know what it’s like to win an Oscar, or actresses who are not so emerging but who can reach the top like Ana de Armas it’s yours marilyn monroe in Blonde.

‘Knives in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’

Nominated for best adapted screenplay, the film directed and written by Rian Johnson was undoubtedly one of the funniest and most watched of last year. It was a great challenge after the success of the first installment but keeping Benoit Blanc from Daniel Craig at the front and adding a new cast formed again by big stars like kate hudson any Edward Norton they were the perfect formula for a new mystery. This one also had its little social critique and pandemic pullita that the previous edition lacked.

‘The Martha Mitchell Effect’

Nominated for Best Documentary Short Film, The Martha Mitchell Effect It arrived on the platform in the middle of last year and is closely related to another 2022 production, such as the series Gaslitstarring Sean Penn It is Julia Roberts. From a very different angle, like the documentary, The Martha Mitchell Effect It is the portrait of the woman who was closest to overthrowing the mandate of Richard Nixon after Watergate, Martha Mitchell. And that she was married to one of Nixon’s right-hand men.

‘Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro’

Last year was not just Martha Mitchell’s year, but Pinocchio’s as well. The famous tale of carlo collodi There were two adaptations with very different approaches, and almost certainly the Netflix one will be much more remembered than the Netflix one. disneywhich limited itself to reproducing a good part of the animated classic in flesh and blood and even cutting or softening some of its most iconic parts.

Image of 'Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro'.

Quite the contrary of Del Toro, which, in addition to displaying a stop motion animation style full of detail and care, provided a much darker vision of a story that was originally one, but with touches of characteristic humor and even a monkey that give your own voice Kate Blanchett. Undoubtedly favorite to win the award.

‘The Sea Monster’

Another strong candidate for Pinocchio from Guillermo del Toro to the Oscar for best animation comes from none other than the same house. Because the platform was made with the services of chris williamswho had already participated in Disney productions such as Big Hero 6, Bolt any moana and here he gave him carte blanche to transfer to the screen an adventure of a lifetime, of pirates and young cabin boys, of sea monsters and human monsters.

Image of 'The Monster of the Sea'
Image of ‘The Monster of the Sea’

‘Our Baby Elephant’

In the same way that Netflix presents two candidacies in animation, in the short documentary do the same with The Martha Mitchell Effect and this other one from India. In our baby elephant The history of boomman and bellya couple who dedicate themselves entirely to raising a small elephant called rhaguwho was orphaned and whose story serves to illustrate the love and dedication of this family for the great pachyderms.


Also from India, what many say is the craziest movie in a long time landed on Netflix and even the Oscars, but in an entirely positive way. RRR is an ode to Bollywood spectacle and action, an ambitious three-hour anything-happens epic that makes it almost sad that its only nomination goes to one of its songs, Naatu Naatu by MM Keeravani.


‘Bard, false chronicle of some truths’

In a year (and previous ones) in which several of the filmmakers of our time reflected through autofiction on their childhood and their beginnings in cinema (Paul Thomas Anderson It is Licorice Pizza, James Gray It is Armageddon Time, Steven Spielberg It is The Fabelmans), couldn’t miss the party Alejandro González Inarritu. the author of Babel any bird Man He knows very well what it’s like to taste the honey of glory at the Oscars, but this time he will only be able to see his film compete in the category in which he stands out the most, that of best cinematography.

Still from 'Bard'


The history of Blonde As it practically started its production and subsequent filming, it would almost make another film in itself, but after many rumors of a film being canceled or hidden in a drawer, Netflix decided to release it. Many understood at that moment the company’s doubts due to the risk of the bet, and that’s it Blonde It is an unconventional and far from academic film both in its forms and in what counts.

A dark and twisted view of Marilyn Monroe’s life (or at least what she told about her Joyce Carol Oates in his fictionalized vision of the actress) in which everyone agreed to rescue the interpretation Ana de Armaswho is now in the running as a candidate to make history and win her first Oscar, and who knows her last at the rate she’s going.

On the left, Ana de Armas in 'Blonde'.  On the right, Marilyn Monroe.

‘No news ahead’

If there’s a movie that starts off as a Netflix favorite, this is it. No news ahead. Not only because it’s the only one of the nine it presents to have more than one nomination, but also because those nominations are in some of the most important categories, including no less than Best Picture.

This new adaptation of the novel by Erich Maria Remarque tells the misadventures of a young German soldier in the last days of World War I on the Western Front, when the armistice comes into force. Recalling recent films about the conflict, such as 1917 with this commitment to the absolute realism of the contest, No news ahead surprised sweeping the prizes BAFTA and now presents itself as one of the favorites to win the Oscar for Best Picture and thus emulate the achievement of parasites given its status as an international film. Is this finally Netflix’s moment of triumph?

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