Pay TV continues to grow every year. Also during 2022 it had a growth of 14% with a share close to 10%. So everything indicates that cable TV continues to advance. And, for this very reason, it is necessary to put face to face the main operators that have a pay-TV catalogue: Movistar, Orange and Vodafone.

For this, we will see the report that Barlovento ComunicaciĆ³n prepared for 2022 on the distribution and typology of pay tv channels of these three main operators in Spain. In this way, we will be able to determine which operator currently has the most complete offer.

Larger audience for pay channel operators

Before we start looking at the data and see which operator has the most complete pay-TV offer, it is important to note that not all channels are taken into account in this report. In this case, only those that are measured by Kantar. Therefore, these are the ones that were taken into account for each operator:

  • Movistar Plus+ with a total of 87 paid channels.
  • Orange TV with a total of 43 payment options.
  • Vodafone TV with 47 pay channels.

Of course, by operator, the Movistar payment option is the one with the most channels within the networks counted by Kantar. But that doesn’t mean, as we’ll see later, that Orange and Vodafone have just this number of channels, since its catalog is much larger. However, here it is important to see which is the predominant genre (both by number of channels and by audience) in each pay-TV operator and in which it has the most presence:

  • In the case of Movistar, the predominant genre is Sport.
  • At Vodafone, the genre that stands out is Fiction.
  • Within Orange, the Sport also ranks first.

In audience, within the general genre, #vamos por M+ is leader. And, in terms of subject matter, Fox is ahead. In addition, LaLiga TV on M+ is also the leader in audience within the specialized typology. as far as we can see the extra value of the Movistar Plus+ catalog for having exclusive channels.

main pay tv channel operators

Which operator has more channels?

Although, out of this analysis, we can see that the catalog of each operator is much larger. Therefore, we must also evaluate the sum total of the paid channels that we find in the Movistar+, Orange TV and Vodafone TV catalogues:

  • movistar+ It has more than 80 channels in its essential service, although the number can be higher depending on the TV packages that we pay additionally (up to more than 150 channels).
  • orange television It can offer more than 90 channels.
  • vodafone television It even has more than 120 channels.

However, if what interests us is the base package, we must bear in mind that among these operators there are also the channels are shared, in addition to DTT channels. Of course, if you want to watch football, Vodafone is not for you, as you can only follow it through Orange TV or Movistar Plus.

In addition, another important detail is that within Orange TV and Vodafone TV you can also add your own Exclusive Movistar channels, as is the case with Estrenos 2, Series or LaLiga (only available in orange). Therefore, this whole series of aspects are what allow us to see which is the operator with the most complete catalog.