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The spacesuit is designed to protect the astronaut’s life.

technically or officially the spacesuit takes the name of Extravehicular Mobility Unit, and is one of the most important elements accompanying an astronaut on a space mission. Even, without exaggeration, it can be said that it is a second spacecraft, since it is equipped and designed in a way to preserve life.

Plus, it has everything you need to keep the person carrying it safe. Recently, The design and color of the suit drew general attention. that will be used for the Artemis II mission, from NASA, in black and orange colors. And although these were used in the presentation, being in orbit, astronauts must wear the traditional and well-known white color.

A very important detail is that This work tool was designed with a view to optimizing and, at the same time, making the astronaut’s adaptability to the conditions he will encounter in his field of work, space, more accessible at all times.

A suit with suitable equipment and design, can guarantee the safety of those carry this, and to a large extent, the success of the mission. That size is its importance. And though it sounds incredible, the color of the suit is a very important security element.

functionality and relevance

By daring to leave the ship, whether for exploration and maintenance, exploration and research, the suit must have all the necessary features to safeguard lifeand ensure the development and success of each task and mission.

The equipment must isolate the external temperature from the internal temperature of the human body. In addition, it will have an oxygen reserve, to keep the environment as ideal and vital as possible. On the other hand, being outside the ship, the human body needs to stay hydratedso it has a series of tubes that carry water to the body.

Barrier between body and radiation

It is a requirement that the color of the equipment used by the cosmonautwhen leaving the ship to carry out any kind of task, be white, as it is known by all that this triggers a reflective effect of solar radiation. If the costume were of dark colors, the opposite would happen, absorbing them.

In this way, by “trapping” this energy, it would accumulate in such a way that it would endanger the integrity and life of the astronaut. Based on the principle of safeguarding and protection, it is guaranteed that radiation, which is harmful and aggressive to health and life, is kept away from the skin, and thus avoiding exposure to this harmful risk.

Security in every way

In the same vein, when exposed to space, if the suit were dark in color, it would be less distinguishable. Because it is white, it can be located more easily and, in case of risk of involuntary removal from the ship, the other members of the mission protect your location quickly.

The suits that are worn when boarding the spaceshipas well as at the moment of take-off are different, because are designed to protect the crew in case of an accident during take-off. These are equipped with a series of airbags and geolocation systems.

team design

However, in ancient times, they were colored orange so that it would be easy to spot them from a distance should an accident occur, whether in the water or on land. Now the equipment consists of several modulesthat are placed independently of each other: a lower part that covers the legs and feet, the helmet with a visor, the arms and the gloves.

In general terms, once all the equipment is installed, has a weight of 150 kilograms. If you wanted to do groundwork, it would be a lot of effort and challenge to even move it. But being in this space is minimized by the effect of weightlessness, thus improving the performance of activities, when you stop feeling the full weight.

Finally, it is important to mention that there is not a standard costume for each mission, instead each design is made exclusively for an astronaut, adapted to the spatial tasks you will carry out. And although the outside looks the same to everyone, inside, each astronaut will have a different layering system.