O peanuts and peanut butter It has long been one of the foods most recommended by nutritionists. Barely processed, it has a good balance between fat and nutritional content and also serves to satisfy hunger in a ‘healthy’ way. In addition, it is a great ally for the cardiovascular health of healthy young people, according to recent research by Spanish scientists.

    The professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences at the University of Barcelona Rosa M. Lamuela-Raventós directed a project with which she wanted to delve into the world of polyphenolssome antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that reinforce the protection against the most common heart diseases in the diet and also help to prevent the development of diseases such as diabetes.

    Young people also benefit from the effects of peanuts

    Based on previous studies on polyphenols, the researchers decided to look at peanuts as a useful food source. However, they preferred to observe its effects on a group of healthy young people because this population profile has not been studied and it may be more difficult to study consequences when compared with older people.

    A group of 63 people aged between 18 and 33 years old were recruited. During six months of follow-up, a portion of the sample included a daily ration of peanut-related products (natural or creamy) and the others continued with their eating habits.

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    The test pointed to more significant changes than might have been expected. “The results reveal a significant increase in urinary levels of phenolic metabolites in those young people who consumed peanuts and peanut butter daily compared to the control group, which consumed a cream without fiber or polyphenols,” explained Rosa M. Lamuela-Raventós, professor at the Department of Nutrition, Food Sciences and Gastronomy at the University of Barcelona, ​​​​​​in the presentation of the results They also recorded better levels of prostacyclin I2, the thromboxane ratio and some phenolic metabolites.


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    What does it means? In short, research data published in the scientific journal ‘Antioxidants’ suggest that cardiovascular health markers improved among young people.

    The research reaffirms previous hypotheses about its benefits for the heart. This plant that is considered within walnuts when looking at its nutritional contribution is Rich in fatty acids, protein, fiber and polyphenolsthat’s why it’s often chosen as a great candidate for good cardiovascular health.

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    Finally, the study authors recommend adding peanut butter or peanuts to the diet of young people for its ability to protect the heart, boosted by its “antithrombotic and vasodilator effects“. The reason is that by getting used to eating this healthy food, one more element will be added to improve cardiovascular health in the short, medium and long term, even among the healthiest of the population.

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