Destiny is a game that can provide you with dozens of hours of entertainment, whether you like games with a story mode (very good and very well developed, although somewhat confusing and with their ups and downs) or if you want to show yourself as a player and compete against other people in PvP. If you want to start playing, know that you can do it for free. And everything you need to know, you’ll find it here.

Destiny 1: Origins

Destiny has two main games. The first of them, destination 1, focuses on the struggle of the Guardians, a series of immortal warriors, in defense of humanity, threatened by various threats of a post-apocalyptic universe. The player takes on the role of a Guardian fallen in battle, who has been resurrected by a mysterious being known as The Traveler. Before the darkness devastated all of humanity, Earth was granted a period of prosperity. Now, a series of alien races, such as the Fallen, the Vex and the Cabal, among others, threaten the Traveler, and our duty will be to protect it from all threats.

This first game also has three expansions: The Deep Darkness, The Taken King and The Iron Lords. This adds features to the gameplay as well as expanding the story.

These games were released for PS3/XBOX 360 as well as PS4 and XBOX One. Unfortunately, these games are difficult to play nowadays. Although the game continues to be sold, especially in its version for PS4 and Xbox One, its price is absurd. What we can do is buy second-hand Destiny at the best price, being able to get the complete edition, with all the DLC, for just 14 euros.

Destiny 2: Defend the Traveler from new threats

This second installment of the game continues the story of the first, where we must protect the Traveler from the Red Legion, a new Cabal force, led by Ghaul, who invaded the last safe city of humanity and captured the Traveler, the mysterious entity that resurrected the Guardians and gave them their powers.

This game currently has two expansions, which are currently unplayable as they were part of the first year season pass: The Curse of Osiriswhich follows the Guardian in his fight against a dark Egyptian god known as Panoptes, and The Strategistwhich continues the Guardians’ fight against the Red Legion led by cabal general Dominus Ghaul.

Destiny 2 is free to download and play on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation. But, if we want to continue with the story, we will have to buy the expansions that we summarize below.

destiny 2
destiny 2

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After these first two expansions we find Abandoned, which adds a new threat in the form of an infamous assassin named Uldren Sov, who, along with his gang of criminals (the Barons), sets out on a bloody vendetta against the Guardians. Abandoned is followed by shadow fortressone of the worst DLCs in the game that barely features story, just farming contracts.

After her we found beyond the lightwhich presents a new threat in the form of Darkness, while the Guardians discover the true nature of the Traveler and its role in the galaxy.

This is followed by “the witch queen«, which introduces us to Savathûn as the main villain and that we will have to face, as well as his army of warriors from the hive, who, for some mysterious reason, are using the power of light.

And finally, we come to the latest expansion to date for this game: Eclipse. This expansion introduced many (perhaps too many) changes to Destiny’s gameplay and story. Regarding the story, we must fight The Witness and his henchman, Emperor Calus, an old acquaintance of the Red War.