“We want this league and we’re going for it, that’s why Madrid’s defeat against Villarreal motivates us even more to beat Girona” (Monday, 21:00, Camp Nou). Xavi Hernández, Barcelona coach, recalled and insisted this Sunday on the value it would mean for his team to win the Spanish championship after four seasons -the last one was in the 2018-1019 season-. “Winning the League gives stability, it means we are doing things very well”, he reiterated. “It is the host. What happens is that we are forced to win a tournament like the Champions League, which has already been won five times in the history of Barça. We are making an extraordinary League and if Real Madrid gives up, it is thanks to us” “And Madrid”, he recalled, “is the current champion of the League and the Champions League.”

Xavi assured that his team recovered from the disappointment of the elimination of the Cup last Wednesday, after thrashing Real Madrid (0-4), and stated that his players had conspired to win the League title since they were left out of the Champions League. “We cannot fail against Girona. We can leave Real Madrid with 15 points when there are 30 left to play, ”he continued. “You have to regain good feelings, be more forceful and effective. Against Real Madrid, during the first half, we were brilliant, but we forgave and then made occasional mistakes. And if you forgive rivals like Madrid or Manchester United, they make you pay more”, said Xavi.

The coach understands that it is not a question purely of football, but of “maturity” to face the big games with guarantees: “The team is under construction, it is young, it is growing and you learn from the chestnut trees. We need more time to be a complete team and take advantage of the good moments”, he added, to later give an example: “In three quarters of the pitch you need to be calmer to make better decisions”. “It is necessary to take into account where we come from and where we are”, he replied to those who understand that the 12-point advantage that Barça has over Madrid is a smaller or less valued championship: “We give a lot of value. We are competing very well, we won the Supercup and we can win the League”.

“There are times when psychologically we have to come together to be stronger. You are growing based on disappointments”, repeated the Barça coach, who did not want to talk about signings for the future nor did he reveal what will happen to Abde or Busquets. “Abde is making the most of his loan to Osasuna. At Barça, what we ask of him is the level of yesterday in each game”, he replied. “I will insist on Busquets to stay because he is fundamental in football and in the locker room. A mirror to your companions. But he would leave at a very good time if we won the League. I hesitated, but I left after a hat-trick”, he concluded after praising his players: “We are the ones that run the most and the ones that make the most effort. The first in everything”.

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