Isabel Llanos, better known on social media as Isasaweis, is quite the runner, although his start in this sport was not easy. As she herself said a moment ago, the first time she practiced this sport, she “still ran, didn’t run”. He tried several times, but wasn’t very successful, until he finally changed the chip and since then, like ‘Forrest Gump’, he hasn’t stopped since. Isasaweis acknowledged in 2016 that It all started because he had a problem with his head and he thought running would help him think clearly.. And he was right: he came home soaked (because it was raining) and happy to have ‘solved’ the problem. He also explained that the first few times he ran with aerobic shoes, but when running fever came, he got specific shoes to avoid injuries.

    Isasaweis shares her daily life with her more than 400,000 followers on Instagram and tells them the same about her new beauty discovery -like the product with which you’ll go from mops to silk in 1 minute-, about her favorite recipes about her exercise routine. The looks she wears do not go unnoticed and many have already asked about the sneakers.. She, who has been ‘running’ for a long time, and understands this, confessed to them that feel a weakness for Puma Electrify Nitro 2. They are designed to absorb shock, wick away moisture, support your feet and offer optimal grip on any surface. They are designed to offer lightweight durability, grip, arch support, breathability.

    They are so comfortable and their design so versatile that you can wear them 24/7. Isasaweis has it in yellow, but you can also find it in black. They are not cheap, they often exceed € 100, but for a few hours you will find them at great discounts on Amazon’s spring sales. Specifically, we find these at 40%. For 54 hours they cost just €66.30 of the €110 they normally cost.


    Gym shoes


    € 110.00

    €66.30 (40% off)

    How to know your shoe size?

    Shoe sizes are not standardized. Each manufacturer uses different measurements in terms of instep height, toe cap shape and foot width. However, the basis of your shoe size is always the length of your feet. To choose the right shoe, you must determine your foot length. For that, take off your socks and place a sheet of paper on the floor, step on it and with a pencil trace the shape of the foot, always with the pencil vertical. Then do the same with the other foot, taking the longest foot as a reference (they are not always the same). Another tip is to do it at night because feet tend to swell during the day..

    Take a meter and measure from the heel to the longest toe and you will have the length of the foot, then go to the manufacturer’s measurement table and you will have the size of your foot.

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