New mesh bodysuit from Zara

New mesh bodysuit from Zara

Fashion is one of our great passions. We love to wear the looks that the best clothing brands launch as the latest trends. With each new season, we pay attention to all the novelties that are about to come out of the oven and we always try to be among the first to buy them, so we don’t run out, and no, we don’t want that. there you areriskier trends and more wearable trendswe like to make a mixture, but without exaggerating.

And we say we like to mix it up without overdoing it because that’s what, with all our love, one of our favorite clothing stores, Zara, is doing it. If you’ve been reading us over the last few weeks, you’ll see that we’ve talked about Zara’s open-toed ankle boots or their toy-shaped plush bag, two novelties from their new collection that left us speechless, and not for nothing. well then Zara he leaves his classic style a little aside again and go back to betting on a piece of risky design like this one Zara mesh bodysuit.

Zara mesh bodysuit

We love it when designers break their heads and do everything they can to create the most innovative and original designs to stand out and capture our attention, with the objective, of course, of increasing your sales. for us really we like clothes and accessories with risky designs, but there are certain clothing brands, like Zara, which, sorry, we believe that nothing fits the classic and glamorous style that we are used to. That Zara has always enchanted us with more original designs, yes, we cannot deny it, but within certain limits.

Zara fishnet bodysuit, photo: ┬ęZara

Because this Zara mesh bodysuit from the new collection, at first glance, suits the Bershka style more, for example. But, well, are Zara’s designers trying to broaden their target audience, and let’s hope they do well with sales of this type of garment. For us, honestly, we don’t like or dislike this Zara mesh bodysuit, We still don’t know if we’re going to buy it or not.we are still taking a walk, although, at this moment, it does not finish convincing us.

This is the new bodysuit without seams and grids from Zara

Though we’re still debating whether or not we’re going to burn a hole in our closet for it. Zara’s new seamless mesh bodysuit, we would like to give you more details about its design, because we know that many of the girls you read love this style. Plus, while we don’t think it’s a lot like Zara, we think this fishnet bodysuit is going to be a bestseller, so if you like it, don’t take too long to get it because may be sold out in a plis plas.

This new Zara bodysuit, as we just told you, it’s a seamless bodysuit, that is, it has no seams. As it has no seams, it is very comfortable to wear, and even if combined with another piece that is more fitted to the body, the good thing is that the seams, since it does not have them, will not be marked. This seamless bodysuit from Zara also has a high neckline and long sleeves, so you can still wear it these last few days of winter.

Another characteristic of its design is that, in many parts of the body, it has mixed fabric details with mesh effect. We like the mesh effect, but we think the kind of mesh Zara used on this bodysuit isn’t very pretty, in our humble opinion. It should also be noted that it is sold in two colors, passion red and anthracite grey, it is available in two sizes, XS-S and ML and It has a price of 19.95 euros.